Hangover Supplements

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Well, we all have been there when we wake up with a feeling regretting partying too hard the night before. Don’t worry; we won’t judge you for that. Instead, we bring you some of the most effective remedies that will help alleviate the hangover symptoms of your worst -drinking-night ever! Whenever you drink irresponsibly, your liver screams at you, your head feels like banging – let’s face it – you become a quivering wreck. Whether it’s a pint of water or a greasy fry-up, we all have our personal formulas to shaking off that hangover, but are there some magical remedies that you are missing out on? There are plenty of options, from the conventional home cures to tricks that are backed by science. Here is our ultimate guide on how to beat a hangover next time you find yourself shaking the morning after.

Hydration is Essential

Why hydration works as a magical hangover cure is backed by the fact that alcohol dehydrates the body. So the following morning, you need to drink up! Experts recommend that you drink one glass of water after each alcoholic beverage you consume, and drink plenty of water the following day, approximately 2-3 liters. Another liquid that can be used to improve the hydration of the body is coconut water. This is because it’s high in electrolytes that replenish the body’s water levels to compensate for the dehydration from alcoholism. Add a pinch of lemon juice and sea salt to your water too to alkalize. Green juices also seem to work wonders, as they’re high in electrolytes and minerals.

Take Your Vitamins.

Alcohol consumption sets a chain of reactions in the human body that results in depletion of the vitamin reservoirs. The vitamin-B complex is responsible for carrying out many metabolic chemical reactions of the human body — the liver’s detox pathways depend on this vitamin complex to detox effectively. We recommend taking 1-2 B-complex vitamins daily after drinking. Take our word for it; this can work wonders!

Have a healthy meal before and after

Most of us believe that a hangover is a pretty good excuse to grease up with pizza, burgers, and fries. Here’s where you are wrong. This will end up making you feel worse. So we recommend that before and after your drinking session,  consume your protein and good fats: avocado, eggs, and spinach are fabulous breakfast choices, right?

Never Skip meals before you drink.

Making sure that your stomach is lined with food particles allows for slow alcohol absorption – at a much tolerable pace. We recommend this is a good time to enjoy slow-releasing carbs like brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato. A lot of people vote for brown rice sushi before drinking. We suggest avoiding caffeine if you can, this just acts as an additional liver loader and can make even the best hangover cure difficult to kick in.


Sweating out the morning after you drink, helps stimulate the lymphatic system to excrete out the toxins and increases the blood flow to various organs. We recommend doing a quick hard workout. Exercises also work by releasing endorphins, the ultimate feel-good hormones! According to research studies, yoga is also amazing when it comes to hangover help.

Take a Swim Session

It just works magic. Going out for an ocean swim is even better. Don’t believe us? Well, seeing is believing!

Support your lovely liver.

The vegetables from the brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts) are packed with enzymes that allow for liver detox, so load your system up on them. We also recommend drinking dandelion root tea or taking the same in the form of a supplement. Apple cider vinegar and lemon water are also great for liver detox.

Going for Clearer Options

Experts recommend that you should go for the clear and clean alcohol options, like vodka, gin would be the best choice – obviously MINUS the sugary mixers. Enjoy them with lemon juice and sparkling water. The sugary drinks make hangovers much worse.