Hangover Supplements

hangover prevention

Have you been through an experience where you have gone out to grab a few drinks with your friends and did not plan on getting drunk? You could be recovering from a night of excessive drinking already and could have made up your mind not to drink more than what you can handle. More often than not, though, things do not go as you plan. When you get caught up in the experience, you might end up drinking more than you intended to without inhibition. The million-dollar question then becomes how to avoid getting drunk? Does a viable answer even exist to this question? Well, you are in luck because we have got the answer to it along with some hangover prevention ideas.

Being drunk is not a pleasant experience for anyone. You have no control over your actions or words and may end up doing something to embarrass yourself or the people you are with. Even worse, you could end up hurting yourself or your friends or family members because when you are drunk, you may believe that you are capable of doing the impossible. Furthermore, if you get drunk the chances of you experiencing side-effects until the next day is highly likely. Hangovers are not pleasant and became another negative add-on to an already terrible situation when you get drunk. That is precisely why many people are curious to know how to get drunk without a hangover too.

The million-dollar questions remain: How to avoid getting drunk and how to prevent a hangover? Let us address the former question first. Jim Koch’s celebrity advice comes into play here, because it genuinely makes sense when you dissect it. Jim swears by having one teaspoon of yeast for every beer he consumes and assures his listeners that you will not get drunk if you follow this method. He then goes on to explain why it works. Yeast has one active ingredient, an enzyme that helps break alcohol molecules. Although your liver has enzymes that can perform the same function, the enzyme in yeast provides added support by starting the breakdown process in your stomach.

Jim Koch gave us some solid advice on how to avoid getting drunk, but what do you do if you end up drinking more than you intended to and do not have yeast available immediately? Your main concern at this point should be hangover prevention. One of the most important things to do is to hydrate yourself since alcohol being a diuretic, drains the water in your body. It is also important to eat the right kinds of food to help replenish the nutrients that the toxins in alcohol deplete from your body. Getting enough rest and not overdoing it even if your body feels functional is also some more great advice. Light exercise is recommended because the activity will help your body feel less slow if you are up for incorporating some movement in your routine.

Overall, with all the hangover help mentioned in this article, you should be able to either decrease or entirely eliminate the effects of a hangover if you end up getting drunk. The recommended approach, though is what advice Jim Koch provided, coupled with hydrating between drinks. It will also be better for your health in the long term because it takes some workload off of your liver. Knowing your alcohol tolerance will also really help you to know when to stop drinking before you end up overdoing it. It is always a better idea to be safe when you are consuming alcohol so that you do not risk harming yourself or those around you!