Hangover Supplements

Are you suffering from a hangover? Well, that’s something normal to happen after a night of overdrinking. However, have you ever wondered what are the hangover symptoms? Your head hurts, you have an upset stomach, and you feel sick. You need to do anything to remove the hangover. But hey, how will you be able to do it without actually knowing how to cure a hangover?

It has happened to all of us, especially in these Christmas parties, where you start having a snack with old friends, continue with some wine, keep drinking champagne to toast, and finish with a few drinks at the bar. This combination, combined with little sleep, causes the dreaded and hated hangover, a general malaise that deactivates us completely. So, what to do to remove the hangover? What to eat to remove the hangover? What are the best tricks? In this article we’ll discuss 7 essential steps to cure hangovers by telling you the best hangover remedies to eliminate the hangover.

Why do I have a hangover?

We start with the basics; why does the hangover occur? It is possible to hit a terrible headache, but it is always good to understand the problem to help with the hangover cure.

A hangover is the sum of a set of symptoms produced by excess alcohol consumption that include, among others, headache, stomach ache, fatigue, dry mouth, and muscle pain. Come on, almost as if we had the flu, but in this case, we are to blame ourselves for having gone through alcohol.

How to get rid of a hangover?

You can’t analyze every nook of hangover symptoms separately. We will find some of the most critical tricks to get rid of a hangover. Our recommendation is always to drink alcohol in moderation. Do not overdo it and enjoy the drink very wisely. Avoiding excess alcohol consumption is the best hangover remedy, but if it is too late, and we have passed, we will see several ways to remove the hangover.

  • Eat while drinking alcohol

When we have a hangover stomach ache, it has to do with the irritation of the stomach lining. The higher the graduation of the alcohol we have drunk, the higher this irritation will be, and therefore the more the stomach ache. The trick here is to eat while drinking alcohol, as this helps to slow down the digestion and also the absorption of alcohol.

This is the best hangover cure. The trick is Saint’s hand. You will see that the hangover difference between drinking glasses one after the other and doing it while you eat is colossal. The trick of eating after drinking alcohol also helps because digestion continues, but it is not nearly as effective as combining food and drink.

  • Do not drink alcohol excessively

Although this is a drawer, not drinking too much alcohol is the best hangover remedy. Although if we get strict, it is best not to drink any alcohol. But if we like and want to celebrate with alcohol, the most sensible thing to avoid a hangover is to drink carefully.

Alcohol is metabolized in the liver, so if the amount we consume is small, it can act as a filter without any negative effects and making the hangover minimal or even zero. The problem comes when we drink too much and the liver stops metabolizing correctly. It is here when alcohol molecules not metabolized correctly pass into the blood and begin to cause the typical symptoms of the hangover.

  • Drink water

One of the factors that contribute most to the hangover is dehydration. This has to do with the headache, dry mouth, and fatigue caused by the hangover. As alcohol is diuretic, it favors the elimination of water from our system because it causes us to urinate more than the bill, and that ends in dehydration. This dehydration causes a headache due to the high water content of our brain, among other things.

If we drink water and keep our body as hydrated as possible, we will minimize the effects of a hangover by dehydration. But here there is also a trick because it is much more useful to drink water while drinking alcohol than to swell with liters and liters of water when we get home.

The idea is always to have a full glass of water while we drink and alternate, helping always to be adequately hydrated. We can also complement this by drinking water upon arriving home and having a bottle of water next to the bed to drink whenever we wake up at night. Drink a lot of water to avoid the hangover, that’s the conclusion, you’ll see that it helps a lot.

  • Don’t mix

There is much talk about mixing different types of alcohol (beer, wine, champagne, distillates …) but not so much about mixing alcohol with soda, which is one of the causes that contribute most to a bad hangover. When we mix soft drinks with alcohol we are increasing the sugar we consume, which in the case of soft drinks is a lot. What sodas do is increase lactate, a molecule that in the blood contributes to the effects of the hangover.

Come on, if you can drink alcohol without mixing like beer or wine, much better. Of course, when you drink in excess, it does not matter if it is just beer or vodka with soda, the hangover you will have the same. 

  • Take ibuprofen

Ibuprofen helps with the hangover, although it is an always controversial recommendation. According to the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, taking anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen after drinking alcohol and before bedtime could help reduce the hangover. Ibuprofen removes the hangover, but it is up to each one to decide if everything goes.

  • Drink coconut water

As we have said, dehydration is one of the factors that contribute most to the hangover. Coconut water not only helps hydrate, but during the hangover, it helps replenish the electrolytes we have lost and lessens the effects of the hangover. You can also serve any isotonic drink for the same reason, the electrolyte content that helps lower the hangover. 

  • Ginger tea

If you are suffering one of those hangovers in which nausea and vomiting have the leading role, perhaps what interests you most is to take ginger. According to several studies, ginger helps reduce the feeling of nausea and avoid vomiting so that it can help us a lot with the hangover. 

In any case, we go back to the beginning. It is best not to have a hangover to drink alcohol in moderation. So be careful with alcohol consumption.